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Attending a Twitter conference but not sure what to ask? Here are some suggestions:



Are you considering attending #AnimBehav2023 but are not sure about how to participate? One of the great benefits of a Twitter conference is the ability for anyone to ask scientists about their research. However, asking questions can be intimidating, and if you have not attended a conference before you might be unsure about what questions you can ask. So here we have provided some example questions and ideas to help you take part.

Things to ask a scientist:

Read the scientist’s tweets carefully, try to ask the questions in context to show your trying to understand what their research is about.


Why are you doing this research?


How long did it take you to design your experiment?


How did you ensure your data was reliable?


How do you ensure accuracy if you are collecting subjective data (animal expressions for example)?


Which variables were hardest to control for?


How did you choose your field sites?


What is your favourite way to record data? And why?


Did you ask for help?


How did you ensure your results are reliable?


How did you keep yourself safe? Were there any particular risks or hazards you had to consider?


Why did you choose to use that particular statistical test?


How did your experiment evolve? What improvements did you make?


What is your plan for further work?


You can also ask ‘other’ questions….


  • What was is like to do field work?

  • Where has been your favourite place to work?

  • When did you know you wanted to do research?

  • How did you choose your study animal?

  • If you had to choose between being covered in scales or feathers, which would you choose?

  • If I wanted to….. what would you advise?

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