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Do I need to register to attend the Global Animal Behaviour Twitter Conference?

No, there is no registration or fee to attend this Twitter Conference. It is a completely free international conference! 


Who can attend the Global Animal Behavior Twitter Conference?

Anyone can attend this Twitter conference (no membership required) at no cost. We encourage scientists, researchers, the public, and students from all levels (high school, undergraduate, and graduate) to attend the conference. The ABS and ASAB both believe that making animal behaviour research open and accessible to all is critical to fostering an understanding and appreciation of science generally and the natural world in particular.


Do I need to have a Twitter account to attend the Global Animal Behavior Twitter Conference?

No! You don’t need a Twitter account to view the conference talks, as they will also be made visible on our feed here. However, if you want to interact with the conference discussions you would need to set one up, which you can do by visiting:


How do I attend the Global Animal Behaviour Twitter Conference?

You can attend our Twitter conference by going to Twitter ( and searching for the conference hashtag: #AnimBehav2023 (be sure to select the “Latest” tab to view the most recent tweets). At the allocated time for a given talk, a tweet will pop up with the presentation. By clicking on that tweet, the whole presentation (5-6 tweets in a thread) will display. Then, you will have the chance to go over the whole presentation for 10 minutes during which time the presenter will be on-line to respond to your questions and comments (they may also respond to questions later on as their time allows). At the time for the next presentation, searching again for #AnimBehav2023 will bring the tweet of the next presentation, and so on... 


How do I ask questions in a Twitter Conference? 

Asking a question to the presenter is very simple. When asking a question, please reply to the individual using their handle (e.g., @AnimBehSociety), thus creating a thread which can be read by other users. Ask the question after the presenter’s last tweet in the thread. When you write your question, please avoid using the conference tag #AnimBehav2023. 


When should I attend the Twitter conference?

The #AnimBehav2023 Twitter Conference is scheduled from January 18-19th, 2023 (GMT). Once finalized, the schedule of presentations will appear on our Schedule page.   

A list of abstracts and timeslots will be available on the conference website until the end of 2023. We encourage you to attend the conference during scheduled times so that you can ask questions and interact with the presenters. 

The #AnimBehav2023 Twitter Conference presentations will be scheduled across multiple time zones so that it is accessible to students, the public, and researchers from around the world.

What if I cannot attend during the scheduled presentation?

While we encourage you to attend the presentations in real time, one benefit of a Twitter conference is that you can visit or revisit a presentation at a later time. Simply use the #AnimBehav2023 hashtag to view any presentations that you could not attend, or search for the handle of the specific presenter you wanted to see (this information will appear in the schedule). Even after the scheduled time of a presentation, you can still ask a question as the presenters are asked to be available for Q&A during the conference and afterwards. 

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