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Attending the #AnimBehav2021? Find our conference code of conduct here:


#AnimBehav2023 Twitter Conference Code of Conduct

The experience of the Animal Behaviour Twitter conference should be that of an inclusive, safe, and productive event. To do this we are committed to making this virtual space welcoming for all. Therefore, we expect all participants of the conference to adhere to the Conference Code of Conduct outlined below.

For delegates experiencing unacceptable behaviour:

Please contact the conference organiser (@AnimBehSociety or @asab_tweets) or your session chair if you are experiencing behaviour that breaks our Code of Conduct. Alternatively, contact us by email ( All reports will be kept confidential.

Acceptable behaviour

Treat all conference participants with respect, courtesy, and consideration.

Value the diversity of opinions and views that other conference participants have.

Avoid personal attacks on other delegates, and only critique ideas rather than make personal critiques.

Unacceptable behaviour

Do not send abusive messages to any conference delegates, chairs, organisers, or any other meeting guest.

We have a zero-tolerance policy to bullying, harassment, and intimidation. This includes but is not limited to: negative comments about any protected categories (e.g ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability).

Do not disrupt any aspect of the virtual meeting.

Do not use replies or the hashtag to share inappropriate content or spam, which includes avoiding using flashing gif images.


Conference organisers and moderators will contact anyone not following the conference Code of Conduct and ask them to desist. Because Twitter is an open platform, our powers to enforce this Code are limited, but we will actively support individuals who respond to unacceptable behaviour by e.g. blocking or if necessary reporting to Twitter and/or their home institutions. Additionally, where necessary, we reserve the right to prevent people who persist in unacceptable behaviour from attending future virtual or in-person meetings run by ABS/ASAB.


#AnimBehav2023 Twitter Conference ethics and welfare statement

All material to be presented at the #AnimBehav2023 Twitter Conference, formally or informally, must adhere to high ethical standards concerning animal welfare. Abstracts will be considered for presentation only if the work described:

• Research must meet the ethical and welfare standards as described by ASAB and ABS: guidelines here.

• Follows international, national and institutional guidelines for the humane treatment of animals and comply with relevant legislation.

• Research concerning the experimental manipulation of animals must have been approved by the ethics review committee at the institution or practice at which the studies were conducted, when such a committee exists.

• For studies using client-owned animals, privacy should be maintained, and the information should be anonymized.


The reviewers of the conference abstracts retain the right to reject manuscripts on the basis of ethical and welfare concerns.

Ethics statement
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